We have supported projects ranging from design and supply of hydraulic systems and components, conversion of obsolete pumps/motors and various maintenance contracts.

Singapore Technologies Kinetics Ltd

Eaton Duraforce Hydrokraft Dowmax Motors Pumps

Supply of hydraulic pumps and motors for the fully amphibious Terrex Infantry Carrier Vehicle

Maintenance Contract for Marina Barrage Crest Gate Hydraulic System

Design Hydraulic Systems

Servicing of hydraulic power pack and components for all 9 crest gates

Singapore Technologies Marine Ltd

Denison Parker Hydraulic Motors Pumps Valves
  • Design and supply of hydraulic steering system and components for Hovercraft
  • Design and supply of hydraulic winch system and components for Self Propelled Pontoon
  • Design and supply of hydraulic ramp system and components for Self Propelled Pontoon

SMRT Trains Ltd

Brueninghaus Hydromatik Hagglunds Hydraulic Motors Pumps

Testing, repair & overhaul of hydraulic piston pumps and motors on the work locomotives such as CKG, GPV, HCV, TTV, VIW

Inai Kiara Dredger

Danfoss Plus1 Mc Sc Controllers

Conversion of obsolete Denison PVP pumps and Sundstrand Series 60 motors to modern equivalents

Songa Mercur Oil Rig / Murmanskaya Oil Rig

Brevini Fluid Power Hydraulic Motors Pumps Valves

Conversion of obsolete Russian-made pumps and motors to modern equivalents / Addition of cooling system to the crane hydraulic system

Saipem Sonsub ROV

Bosch Rexroth Uchida Hydraulic Motors Pumps Valves Distributors

Design and supply of Dirty Work Pack pumps and motors for subsea applications

Various hydraulic power packs for custom applications

Bosch Rexroth Cytrobox


” … Transocean wants first class work, that is why it is in your shop… “

I must thank you for your expertise and dedication to your work and your business as this is the best service we have had from anyone prior to this day

” We are indeed impressed with your operation and quality of work… “

” … I would like to express my thanks again to yourself and everyone at Anda Hydraulics for your professionalism and prompt service you have given us… “

” …Once again, thank you for your help onboard the SA Winterberg. We truly appreciate the sterling work and excellent service… “

” …During 2006 and 2007 we rebuilt 2 semi submersible rigs in Keppel FELS yard in Singapore, we had issues with the Sauer Sunstrand hydraulic motors in the cranes that another vendor shop who repaired them could not correct. I had contacted Anda Hydraulics and the head of the company came out and assisted me on a Saturday afternoon and by 2100 hrs that night they had managed to isolate the problem and on Monday had the correct parts to replace what was faulty. They went on to perform the overhaul of the second crane hydraulics system on the second rig. To date, that rigs crane has run flawlessly. I consider the help we received from KC and people at Anda to be of the highest caliber. They are the specialist in hydraulic pumps and motor repairs and service. “

” …I have not a single doubt on Anda’s proven good track record… “

” Anda Hydraulics best in the business …… thank you again for your help “

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